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Delivering on our social mission: Providing great college advising to students of all backgrounds

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A few months ago as we were preparing for our company launch, we introduced our commitment to build a socially responsible model of private college advising. Our promise to build a company that lives its mission to empower students of all backgrounds to achieve their college dreams stems from two major themes:

  1. Access to affordable and high quality college counseling is really hard, if not nearly impossible, to come by
  2. Recent college admissions scandals make it difficult to trust in a fair process or one that levels the playing field for all college applicants

That's why CollegeAdvisor.com is committed to offering the same top-notch college application and advising services to high-potential students often coming from lesser served communities around the world for free through our CollegeAdvisor.com Scholarships. Our scholarships fully cover the cost of our most expensive package - the Elite package valued at $1,499 - and provide a dedicated advisor who helps develop the college list with students, provides essay outlining and editing services on 10+ application essays, and works with students and their families to build a personalized game plan to make sure all deadlines are met.

Most importantly, we provide a focus on financial aid and scholarship opportunities so that we can help students and their families seize opportunities to make applying for college - and ultimately being able to attend - more financially accessible. And even for those students who pay full price for our services, we're deeply committed to a pricing model that levels the playing field for every student. Our most common package has a price point at $699, whereas the average price of many competitors can be upwards of $4,500.

So, how exactly are we delivering on our social mission?

This college application season, we've already funded five CollegeAdvisor.com Scholarships with high school seniors from Chicago, California, Nepal, Botswana and Lebanon, so that college can be a more affordable, realizable opportunity.

We built a simple process where students who wanted to get our Elite Package free of charge followed a few steps to demonstrate their great potential and share more about their backgrounds and college dreams. First, these high school seniors shared information about their academic record and test scores as well as more on dream schools to apply to and what potential majors or programs interest them. Then, our founder met with the students for 45 minute interviews to understand more about their stories and backgrounds. And that was it! Again, our goal is to create more access to education opportunity not to create more barriers for those who are deserving of great college advising and application services.

And what we've heard over the last few months is that the biggest value we can provide really comes down to helping these bright and talented young adults identify scholarship opportunities right for them so that their college dreams can be within reach. Our mentors and advisers spend time helping them outline and write scholarship essays and building trustworthy, longer-term relationships so that these students feel invested in. Our high school student from Chicago is actually already a QuestBridge finalist and Posse Foundation Scholars finalist!

While we're just getting started here, we're incredibly hopeful for these talented students and committed to finding more ways to empower all students to achieve their college dreams. You can get started too with a free college advising session any time.

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